I could tell you every single God story of how He brought me here, to be a completely scatterbrained individual with a tried and true acceptance letter sitting in front of me, but I won't. He has been so faithful through all of this, through every doctors appointment, every deep spiritual question on the application, the time that I realized this trip was $3000 less than I expected, and even every conversation of people wanting to support my trip, I'm so thankful.

Ecuador Trip: round two

I started the week saying God, break my heart for what breaks yours, and I ended the week realizing that's just what He did. It just took me the whole week to realize that's what He was doing.

Here, Now.

Last Thursday though, it hit me, and it hit me hard. I'm over here stressing, getting all proud of myself, what God's going to do through me, months and years down the road. But Thursday, the reality hit. He's doing stuff, big things, in and through me, here, now.

“WHEREVER you would call me”

You always think of your life, or at least I did, as high school, college, marriage, kids, right? Wellllllll, sometimes God changes that.

And it was GOOD.

I hear all these stories of people saying "Well, why did God make sin?" "Why did God make pain?" "Why is God putting me through this pain?" I wanted to take some time to dig into this, so that maybe those who have these thoughts, will better understand, it's not of God for you to sin… Continue reading And it was GOOD.

Talkin’ about what REALLY matters

People. Christians + Non-Christians. They're all talking about the same events about this world right now, but everyone has a different view. But don't give up hope on this world. Don't do it. In the Bible, does Jesus say "hate those who persecute you"? NO! Here's what he said: "But I say to you, Love… Continue reading Talkin’ about what REALLY matters

My plan < God's plan

I feel like every one of us goes through a period when they think one thing is going to happen and they have their future all planned out but then God says hold up, that's not the plan. Back it up now, y'all. Oh wait, not cha-cha slide. Aaaanywho, for a month or so I've been praying… Continue reading My plan < God's plan

If You Feel Alone…

I don't know where to begin. I'm just leaving this up to the Lord because I have no clue what to write about. Yesterday morning I watched a piece of a sermon Steven Furtick gave. It was called  "If You Feel Alone" and I love his preaching, so I watched it. It's a short clip, but there's… Continue reading If You Feel Alone…