This is a tough season. It’s a season of questioning, wondering and learning to rely on God in new ways. It’s a season of seeing people come and go in my life. It’s a season of fighting old habits and learning new things. It’s a season of being long distance and wishing I wasn’t. It’s a season of fighting for my joy daily.

People will tell you that you should go to college, but they never tell you that when you decide to stay, you’re often having to watch people come and go.

People will tell you that long distance relationships are hard, but they never tell you about how you grow to have a love/hate relationship with FaceTime because of the distance it symbolizes.

People will tell you how anxiety is a real, but they never tell you about the days where you just want to climb back into bed and not get up again.

We’re constantly fed with information, but we must then decipher what is worth keeping in mind. We must fight for how we feel about things. We must fight to make up our own thoughts, emotions, and opinions and not just rely on others’ opinions.

I’m learning that life is a daily fight.

You have to fight for your wellbeing. You have to fight for people. You have to fight the devil’s lies he throws at you. You have to fight choosing joy instead of mourning. You have to fight for everything you want.

I’m learning that the fight isn’t always easy.

Sometimes people will leave when they don’t agree. Sometimes people won’t like what you stand for and they’ll hate you. Sometimes people will love the lightness of your spirit, but sometimes they won’t.

I’m learning that people may not always like the way you’re fighting.

People will tell you how you can do things better. They’ll tell you that you’re doing it wrong and they could do it better. They’ll tell you it’s safer to rely on yourself instead of Jesus.

I’m learning that the fight is not always against flesh and blood.

The Devil wants you to waver when you’re weak. The Devil wants you to believe that your best is behind you. The Devil wants you to think that you’ve already lost the war.

I’m learning that sometimes the fight is simply to sit back and let Him fight for me.

The Father wants you to be strengthened by Him on your weakest and strongest day. The Father wants you to see that He is your joy. The Father wants you to understand the depth of your love and forgiveness. Sometimes the flesh desires control, but we must remember that He can handle the war so much better than we can.

I’m learning that sometimes I cannot fight in the dark.

We want to be alone. We question our need for community. We would rather fight in the quiet. Yet, God saw the loneliness of being alone and He gives what we need and what we’re looking for.


I’m learning that the fight is not always a walk in the park.


I’m learning that the fight is and always will be worth it.


No, people won’t always agree, but when we remember that this is not our home, we find contentment that He’s the only one who’s heart we need to win. We’re fighting for things that are higher, greater and more important than people’s approval. We’re on earth to win people over with the Gospel and to save them from eternity in hell.

If you’re living life for Jesus and you’re being a light everywhere you go, people not liking you is not your fault. We cannot save people, we can only be cities on a hill that shine light from our little lighthouse and then pray that it leads people to redemption. You cannot save them from their sin so you cannot put the weight of trying to on yourself.

You’re a vessel that God will speak through, but you’re not the one who does the saving.


The stakes are high, but He’ll give you what it takes.


Fight for love. Fight for peace. Fight for joy.

Fight to extend grace as you’ve received it so undeservingly.

Fight to be the best you that you can possibly be.

Fight the good fight until He says “well done good and faithful servant.”


Just fight.



All my love,


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