Recently I’ve felt like I was caught up in months and months of being stuck in a drought, stuck in hurts, stuck in everything just being against me, but I feel like the rain is finally coming. The rain is ending the drought.

I just have to receive it. Receive the rain. Receive the new season. Receive His love.

Receive the beauty of this relationship God’s called Simon and I into.

In a way, I needed permission to leave the drought behind. I needed permission to breathe His grace in again. I needed permission to receive the good gifts the Father’s given to me.

It’s not of my human nature to receive gifts well. It’s just not who I am, but it’s something the Father is teaching to me.

Receiving His grace. Receiving love. Receiving His faithfulness. Receiving encouragement. Receiving good gifts. Receiving true peace. Receiving Simon and everything that’s yet to come with us.

The drought is over.

Rain is here.

Life is here.

Love is here.

Peace is here.

Freedom is here.

Grace is here.

Joy is here.

Newness has come.


The choice is to believe and receive.

It’s a daily choice to believe and receive His good gifts.

It’s a daily choice I want to walk into.


Beauty for ashes, I want to believe it.

Beauty for ashes, I want to receive it.

I’ve been reading Daring to Hope and one chapter Katie writes about learning to sing again, learning to receive again, learning to believe again. It was exactly what I needed to hear, it was God giving me permission to move forward into the new season. I don’t have to be stuck in the drought anymore. We learn to fully rely on Him during the drought, but then we can use what we’ve learned to fully rely on Him in the life, in the newness, in the fresh season.

No longer stuck, but fully trusting as I walk into this new season. And I will receive all the good gifts He’s trying to give me.

Beauty for ashes, I do believe it.

Beauty for ashes, I do receive it.

I found Him in the drought.

And I will find Him in the new season as well.

He’s given me permission to breathe in new life again, so I will.

He’s given me permission to love well, so I will.

He’s loved me well, so I will reciprocate.

He’s shown me what true grace looks like, so I will live that out.

So will I.


He was ever evident in the drought, so I believe that He will still surround in the new season of joy + life. Even here, He is around. His love surrounds. His grace abounds. I’ve seen Him in the struggle, I will see Him in the new growth and life.

Proclaiming praise here, in the midst of the newness.

Proclaiming joy in the uncertainty of what’s to come.

Proclaiming truth over the lies.


I am enough because He is enough.


Will you believe + receive?

Will you choose to trust when the world says fend for yourself?

Will you seek Him in the uncertainty in this new season?

Praying you + I both will.


much love,



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