Recently I’ve been in a process with God of really listening to who He says He is as well as who He says I am. It’s so easy to let others decide who I am and am not and let that become my identity. The beauty is when you allow Him to determine that and speak that over you. He gave me the word “becoming” this morning. I asked who am I to you and He answered all the words that I could only aspire to be. He responded,

“you are becoming … 

… enough. grace. kind. beautiful. simple. accepting. compassionate. patient. “

The list went on and on. Yes, I can look at some of these things and feel like I already am defined by them, but I went deeper with Him and asked what they meant.

“Become compassionate because my death and life brought you peace.

Become sure of who you’ve made me to be because I made you with purpose.

Become likeminded with my kingdom-centered mindset.” 

I am one that easily allows words into my head. Sometimes I’m really good at blocking out the darkness and the wrong things people speak out over me, but not always. I love words, I love hearing them, I love writing them, I generally just love them. But I’m setting myself up for failure if I don’t walk into conversations with a mindset of knowing who He says I am and instead allow all words spoken out to define me.

I’m becoming gracious, with others but mostly having to learn how to be gracious with myself. Our minds trick us into thinking that whatever is put into them is truth, but in all actuality, it’s not that. Whatever Christ puts into our heads is truth, but when the Devil speaks falsely into our minds, we have to be able to be defensive and know how to separate the truth from the lies. This happens when we become brave enough to be dependent on the Holy Spirit. He was sent to earth to be our helper, friend and voice of wisdom.

I listened to a podcast called Staying Centered in Life and Ministry by Jonathan + Melissa Helser last night and one thing that Melissa said really stuck out to me.

“Cultivate friendship with the Holy Spirit. Grow into a full dependency where you receive the full measure of the gift of the cross – the Spirit.

If you want to learn how to be really centered, you must learn to be really needy. On earth, Jesus had a profound neediness of the Father. In His neediness, He found the guidance that was everything He needed.”

When we learn how to be dependent on Him rather than being wrapped up in our circumstances, we find contentment. It’s not as easy to become overwhelmed when we’re centered in on the Spirit and His leading. When we’re centered in on who He says we are rather than who the world says we are, we aren’t as likely to be overwhelmed when words hurt us.

Becoming brave in this isn’t an easy task. I’ve spent the last six months working through a devotional called 100 Days to Brave and still am working through what it really looks like to be brave enough to seek Him before and above the things of the world. Yes, I know it took me double time to work through this book — it (making time for Him in my day) is hard, y’all. I’m by no means a perfect example of trusting Him in the midst of uncertainty, but I’m living proof of jumping off the cliff into unsettled waters, hoping He’ll catch me.

I’m learning to be brave not just in the big decisions but in the day-to-day choosing His definition of me over humans’.

I am not brave,


I am becoming brave. 

And I’m confident you’ll find His faithfulness in the land of the living as you walk into becoming brave as well. Ask the Holy Spirit to sweep you off your feet yet again and make you fall more in love with who He is and who He’s calling you to be. Ask the Holy Spirit to speak over you who the Father says you are and then let those words define you. Ask the Holy Spirit to be your leader, guide, and give you a profound neediness for Him. Then become available for Him to wreck your world and take you on a beautiful ride into finding new facets of His loving grace.

He is for you, let Him be your light when all is dark.

much love,


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