When you’re feeling too many feelings

I’m one of those people that doesn’t just see something happen and then it gets lost in my mind, if I see something impactful, I dwell on it. I have super bad memory, short and long term, unless it’s something impactful, then it’s stuck in my mind. 

This past Monday, I had coffee with someone and while we were talking, a really bad accident happened riiiiight outside the front door. Nobody died on the scene, but it went from a peaceful day in Griffin to all the emergency vehicles showing up and one girl leaving on a stretcher, unable to move. I’ve thought about it, wept about it, and been generally overwhelmed by what I saw. 

Through this, God has pointed something out to me, I’ll tell you what He said. “Even when everything in this world is changing, rapidly, when it’s too much to handle, I stay the same. I’ll comfort you, I’m there for you when nobody else is. Be content in My presence.” 

“The LORD will fight for you, and you have only to be silent.” Exodus 14:14 ESV

I never understood this verse, I always read it in NIV, “you only have to be still”, which I didn’t completely agree with. I don’t think we should ever just sit still, we should constantly be spreading the gospel. But this version changed my whole view on the verse. We need to stop telling God, “well, this is what I think I should do with my life now” and start listening to what He says we’re doing next. He knows best, He planned it out before you existed. 

If you keep in the forefront of Your mind that He is really the only constant, He never changes, He never gives up on you, it’ll change your ENTIRE mindset. 

Praying for you, that you’d see Him more vividly today. 

All my Love,


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