Here’s what gets me…

A couple of weeks ago I went to CIY, Christ in Youth, MOVE. We were learning all about Kingdom Workers and what they are to God. 

Kingdom Workers are:

loved. rescued. united. changed. sent. 

Everyday they would cover a different word/ topic. It was an incredible week and I’ve just now, two weeks later, gotten myself together to explain what stood out to me. 

Wednesday, the topic was United, we learned that Kingdom Workers cannot do Kingdom Work by theirselves, you have to have others around you. At morning session, we had to take these cups and write on them the people we were close to, where we spend all our time (and create a pie graph of it), and write our passions. The goal was simple, you start where you are, you serve all those right in your bubble. The goal in writing your passions was just so you could see them written down and could start praying where God wants to use you. 

I began praying, “God, show me where you want to use me. A door just closed, where to now? You lead.” That evening session, we had the worship time that comes before the teaching and I was repeatedly praying that while I worshiped. 

A few minutes later, I realized that I was signing, ASL, I didn’t really know what was happening, honestly. I had my arms up in surrender and next thing I know this girl, from another youth group, is tapping me on the shoulder asking if I was signing. She said “uh, are you signing because you’re doing it all right and I know sign language” She high-fived me and we continued doing our thing. 

It doesn’t sound that weird, right? Just you wait. 

Here’s what gets me… I took ASL in 8th and 9th grade as my foreign language, I’m going into 12th. I’ve had a lot of problems with my memory recently. Like I don’t remember any of my childhood, I don’t remember what I did two years ago for my birthday. It’s crazy things. So with all that, I remember none of my sign language classes. 

The signing that happened night, was not me, that was completely Jesus. I’m just a vessel of His. Late on Wednesday, there’s a talent show, anybody, of the couple thousand there, can do anything really. Everybody was good and all, but halfway through, this girl came up. I had seen her throughout the week, in the lunchroom and such but never really saw anything about her that stood out, I try not to stare. 

She got on that stage, and sang her heart out. This girl had new Cochlear Implants, I could tell they were pretty new by all the hair shaved right around them. She didn’t speak very well, because she hadn’t gotten used to hearing herself, you know. But it was so so so beautiful, she had her arms by her sides, head up, swaying back and forth. She was obviously nervous, so we (the entire room, of the thousands of teens) stood up, we were attempting to find a rhythm to clap to her song. 

But this girl, though she probably didn’t do anything for me, we didn’t even know each other. But she did, she was God’s vessel to show me, “you thought that was your passion I wanted to use? You’re wrong. This is what I want to use you for.” I’ve yet to figure out how or what His plan is, but I’m just going to trust, no matter what it is. 
If you let Him, God does some insane things in and through you. I mean, he took me, this girl who thought she was going to be used to do hand-lettering and he said “nope. You can use your hands for this, but you’re wrong how.” 

We aren’t on this earth to do whatever the heck we want. We’re on this earth for one reason, it’s simple. We were made in His image, to love people, in order that we make His name known. That’s it. That is the only reason we were created. 

He is all I need. 

He is all you need. 

In Him, we have everything we could ever need. 

I pray that you’d begin to see Him in a new way, that you’ll be willing and able to be His vessel with your short time here on Earth.

All my love, 


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