77 days and I board the plane

In 77 days I’ll board a plane back to Ecuador. Let me stop there. I’ve been excited beyond belief because I miss it with my whole heart, but today, I realized something. In 77 days, yes, I go back to my favorite place, but this time it’s without my best friend/ cousin/ encourager. Seriously, Amelia Claire was about the only person who kept me sane on last October’s trip. This girl’s the best, you see.

AC isn’t going because she’s on a 6 month trip (for school/missions) to South Africa with YWAM, Youth With a Mission, due back in December. So I’m still excited, but I lost a little bit of it when all of this came crashing into my mind today. AC has been gone for almost a month and every day I pray that the Lord will keep her safe and that His will might be done that day. (Actually I pray that over myself too, if I’m honest.)

The Lord has a plan for her and this trip of hers. I was talking with her yesterday and I can tell she’s in the place she’s supposed to be because of the indescribable joy she has. And although she won’t be on this trip to Ecuador, I know for a fact that God will do incredible things through our team of 25…

I’m just going to stop there. OUR TEAM HAS 25 PEOPLE ON IT.  Last year we had 13 and that was great, but 25!!! That’s the max we could have. GO GOD!!!

So although she isn’t on the team- there’s 25 of us and I’m going into it expecting God to show up in amazing ways.

Would You Partner With Our Team? There’s a lot of ways right now, actually!

  1. Pray. For our fundraising. For Team Unity. For our safety on the trip.
  2. With Your Funds. I’m doing some fundraising on my own @handmadebynatnkat on Instagram*. It’s just handmade necklaces, mugs, and whatever we make next! We’re also having a golf tournament where proceeds go to our trip. If that interests you, head on over to* momentumcc.org/slice . Another option is just giving donations, if that’s your interest, head over to* Momentum’s PushPay and in giving category, choose “Ecuador”.

*** You should be able to click the link and be directed to the site that you’re looking for.



All my love.


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