Overwhelm Me

Sorry, I’ve lost my momentum in the past couple weeks with blogging.

Things got craaazy. I’ve had a cyst in my wrist for a while, but it all the sudden got really bad and I had numbing in my whole arm and I ended up having to have surgery two weeks ago, when it was scheduled for December. Recovery has been a pain in the butt and the opposite of easy.

On top of all that, I leave for Ecuador in four days. FOUR. It was a month away like yesterday, wasn’t it? This week is insane, trying to pack and get everything together, get my last minute shot (procrastination at its finest right here), trying to get stitches out before I leave so I won’t have to worry about that, trying to fit some driving time in so I can actually get my license soon, trying to get school done, the list goes on and on.

So to say it the simplest way, time is notttttt on my side.

But you know what? God is still good. In my utter chaos, in my last minute list of 29248748 things to buy and do before I leave, He is STILL good. He never stops loving me, never stops protecting me, never stops listening to my lengthy nervousness prayers, He never stops wanting us to talk to Him.

Right now, with all of this going on, I can’t stop listening to Overwhelm Me by Centric Worship and Joy by Housefires. I want nothing else but to be lost in Christ’s love and protection. I want nothing but to have Joy when I’m nervous and stressed to the max, I long for nothing besides HIM. Overwhelm Me is playing as I write this. Here’s the lyrics:

Cause I wanna be lost

I wanna be lost in you

Overwhelm Me

Take me higher

Take me deeper

Seeing your Glory

Hearing your whisper

I wanna be lost in you

I couldn’t write down for you the list of unknowns and the list of things I’m nervous about with going to Ecuador. The list never ends. But I know one thing, John 14:27 says that Christ gives us peace when we’re troubled. And Psalm 55:22 says Cast ALL your cares upon the Lord (not just a few, not some of your cares, ALL your cares), and He will SUSTAIN you.

Sustain means this: “strengthen or support physically or mentally” so He will strengthen us and support us. So why am I fearing? Why am I afraid? Why? Because “the thief [devil] comes to steal, kill and destroy” BUT Christ says “I came so that they will have life, and have [it] abundantly.” John 10:10.

So yes, I do leave in four days and my stress level is at the top, but God is STILL good and He is with me, always.

And yes, I will still leave on Saturday to fly out of the country, but I will also be protected by His grace and love.

And no, this doesn’t take away all my nervousness, to know that He is always good and always in control, but it definitely calms my nerves and helps me to bring it all back and realize that I’m going out of the country to see these people to serve HIM, to bring Him glory. Why am I freaking out about me having everything packed and perfect. It will happen. And if I don’t have everything I thiiiink I need, so be it. It will happen and it will be good. This is for Him, not for me.

Be encouraged alongside me and go encourage everyone else because He is always good.

all my love,


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