This is a tough season. It's a season of questioning, wondering and learning to rely on God in new ways. It's a season of seeing people come and go in my life. It's a season of fighting old habits and learning new things. It's a season of being long distance and wishing I wasn't. It's a season of fighting for my joy daily. 


Recently I've been in a process with God of really listening to who He says He is as well as who He says I am. It's so easy to let others decide who I am and am not and let that become my identity. The beauty is when you allow Him to determine that and speak that over you. He gave me the word "becoming" this morning. I asked who am I to you and He answered all the words that I could only aspire to be.

One Very Mountainous Testimony

I want to tell a story that God's been writing throughout the last nine months. It's messy, it's beautiful, and it's been challenging. I haven't loved every moment, but every moment has taught me a lesson that nothing else could. I'm grateful for this process and that it's not and won't be over anytime soon. When you ask God to show up, He does. Here's a story that proves that. 

Having a soft heart in a cruel world

Since being here in Asia on out-reach I've struggled a good bit with the culture not accepting or being emotional and having to adapt to that. I'm a pretty open and emotional person most times, so being in an environment where emotion doesn't exist and everyone is just happy all the time has its challenges.… Continue reading Having a soft heart in a cruel world